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How Solar Power can benefit HealthCare Industry

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In India with the development of technology, the medical department has been facilitated by several electronic technologies.

Healthcare technology continues to rely solely on electricity from simple life monitoring systems to complex imaging equipment like MRI Machines, CT Scanners, and other labs are used, everything in the hospital requires continuous large amounts of electricity and there is a shortage of power supply. 90% of the time it is maintained by emergency generators but hospitals fail during 10%.

The installation of solar systems in these locations seems to be sustainable and saves a lot of high electricity bills, providing electricity at a cheaper rate.

Advantages that Healthcare get from Solar Power

Most of the hospitals in India are getting covered under solar panels and their sustainability, which include government and private hospitals like Apollo, AIIMs, Escorts, etc. which are generating electricity using solar.

In return, the solar energy you save can be used to improve operations, purchase new equipment or simply increase operational efficiency. Renewable energy hospitals stand out from competitors for their commitment to public health and the environment.

Carbon emissions have a positive impact on environmental health. Solar energy will also help you to obtain green building certificates and build your reputation.

Costs Benefits

If your hospital load is average 10kW, it will cost you exactly eleven lakhs. This fee includes products, transportation, and standard equipment. You are ready to use this item without paying additional fees for it. You will receive net accounting grants and government grants. You will also get a 25-year product warranty, so you don’t have to worry about high energy costs. Using Solar energy you can run almost all hospital applications. Solar energy is a clean and eco-friendly source of energy.

Conclusion: All of the points mentioned above seem to be useful for healthcare Solar panels seem to be a boon and making the environment eco-friendly. Thanks!

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