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Tips to install Solar Panel for new Construction

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In this article, we give the tips who wants to shift their conventional source of energy to Solar energy. The reason maybe he/she wants to remove anxiety to pay bills monthly. Or he/she wants to acquire new technology that enables his/her to stand up from the crowd.

If you follow the tips then we make sure that in future you have no headache to install new wires, new pipes and anything else. Only you have to integrate the solar panels using existing setups. It can save your bunch of extra time invested in Installing other things and especially your precious money.

Future perspective

There are lots of things you have to keep in mind meanwhile new construction. The major point is internal wiring whenever someone has a desire to install solar panels in a future perspective. In case of a house or new construction have not internal wiring according to the solar panels then usually it takes double time to setup. Moreover, It tends to more money invested in doing internal wiring again.

Therefore we recommend you to make the new construction solar panels friendly. For doing this, we advised you to do internal wiring on the behalf of solar panels. For instance, The important wiring for Installation of solar panels is inverter battery wires, dish cables, solar cables and ACs, etc.

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7+ Home Designing Tips For New Construction

Home Design planing is the most essential step. It becomes much more significant when it comes to the installation of solar panels. There are a few normal things you have to suggest to your home map designer at the time of designing.

what is the correct Installation direction for solar panels?

The production of electrical energy from solar panels entirely depends upon how much sunlight absorbed by the solar plates. If we put the solar plates in the exact direction in which it gets more and more sunlight then it can be able to work on its maximum potential. According to the experts, the best and proven direction to Installation of solar panels for New Construction is South. Because in the south direction it receives maximum sunlight.

Decide the type of solar panels for New Construction

A prospective person needs to choose one type of solar panel from the two. That is off-grid and on-grid. The best recommendation is to go with off-grid type. The reasonable factor about off-grid is you can become self-dependent. In case someone wants to not depend on the battery to preserve electricity than he/she probably can select the on-grid type of solar panel. On-grid Solar panel enables you to take the electricity from the government and to sell the electricity to the government. But you have need to take permission from the government to Installation of on-grid Solar Panels.

How much Rooftop strength requires to Installation of solar panel?

Another significant factor is rooftop strength whenever somebody has a perspective to install a solar system in Taran Tarn. A solar system is a combination of solar panels and solar stands. Which are heavy enough to broke weak rooftop. Therefore, the rooftop must be strong enough to handle the weight of solar panel.

To protect plant from the wind. It connected with the room using fasteners in 2-4  inches depth. Therefore we recommended you to make rooftop approximately 6 inches dip and with a strong base.

What type of wiring connection is needed for a solar system?

The most essential wiring connection is from the rooftop to the bottom. For doing this we have to install two inches diameter PVC pipe. However, The earthing connection is prefered to install 1 meter apart from the wall. The major thing taken into mind is to put the pipe from the rooftop to the bottom of the new construction.

How much stair space is required?

First thing Firsts, when a prospective buyer buys a solar system. He mainly installed it on the roof of the new construction. In case you need have to lift from the bottom to top with the help of the stairs. If the stairs have not enough space then it leads to face difficulty intake it upon the roof. Therefore, we suggest you make at least 1 meter wide stairs.

What type of wire connection is needed for home meter?

The type of wire connection for meter is totally related to the home load. It various forms 0.5kw to 3kw depending upon the daily usage of electricity in a place. In general, the meter can be seen of 1kw. Whenever the house has load more than 1kw a day then we suggested using a three-phase meter at the required place.


The most essential thing which you have to take care of the installation of a solar panel for New Construction. Is, Make a strong rooftop, select off-grid type of solar panel (only recommend but you can choose other), the direction of solar panels is directed towards the North direction, at least 1 meter wide stairs, etc.

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