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Solar water Heater dealers in Amritsar and Taran Taran

Solar water heaters – A New Approach

Are you looking for best solar water heater dealer in Amritsar? if yes the chabhal renewable solar is the best solution for you. chabhal rewable solar heater manufacturer in amritsar is one-stop solution where you can buy all solar products under one roof.

The trend of water heaters is not new across different nations. In the beginning, people perceived water heaters as luxury products, however, in recent times, water heaters have become the essential household. But the thing to be worried about is the higher power consumption of water heaters which exert a lot of pressure on power companies, and most of the time they caused the power systems to trip abruptly, moreover, they led to the bills and electricity prices to be hiked. It does not even end here, this kind of conventional water heaters, such as boilers and geysers emit harmful greenhouse gases which cause damage to the environment.

Due to such kinds of problems, there was a great need for alternative technology for combating such problems. A solar water heater is one such technology that uses solar power to heat water.

Chabhal renewable energy one of the best solar power heater dealer and distributor in Amritsar will let you know more about the solar water heater. for installation solar water heater in Amritsar you can call: 9803014527


What is Solar Water Heater?

It is a cost-effective hot water system that is used for heating the water. Solar water heater utilizes solar energy (sunlight) for heating water. One can fit a solar water heater on any space such as a terrace or on the top of the building where sunlight falls, it uses solar energy for heating water and then it can be stored in an insulated tank. It utilizes sunlight throughout the day for heating the water, therefore it does not require to connect to the electricity grid.

It incorporates an efficient heating element high density and compressed PUF insulation, which helps to store hot water for up to 48 hours. This is the thing that makes it best suitable for hostels, apartments, homes, and many other buildings. These heaters for home are made up of advanced technology and anti-corrosive material. The main reasons for the huge popularity of solar water heaters are their energy efficiency, easy installation, durability and safe to use.

Solar Water Heater Parts




Solar water heaters consist of a storage tank, connecting pipes and a flat plate solar collector. A solar collector consists of copper tubes welded to copper sheets (with a black coating), insulating material at the back, toughened glass sheet on top, and the entire assembly placed in a flat box.

Working principle of Solar Water Heater

One can install the solar water heater on the open ground or roof of the building with the collector. It faces the sun for a continuous supply of hot water. The tubes or solar panels absorb the solar heat for heating the water flowing through them to provide hot water. Thereafter, the heated water is stored in a tank.

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Types of Solar Water Heater

Mostly, two types of solar water heaters are available on ABC.

Flat Plate Collectors System (FPC): A typical solar water heating system that is well known for its longer life. This system is also known as a selective coating as it consists of an absorber plate. The surface that faces the sun is covered with an absorbent coating. The absorber plate incorporated with sheets and a grid of metallic tubes allows water to flow and protects it from the weather as well. The solar radiation is absorbed by the sheet and transferred to the water. For reducing the heat losses, the space between the absorber and the box is filled with insulation.

These heaters can work in colder regions with an anti-freeze solution. FPC system requires a heat exchanger in the areas with salty water for avoiding scale deposition.

Evacuated Tube Collectors System (ETC): ETC is made up of glass that is ideal for colder regions. ETC requires regular cleaning on the places with salty.

Evacuated tubes contain a metal absorber tube and a glass outer tube. A metal absorber is connected with a fin. The coating of the fin absorbs solar energy preventing radiative heat loss. This water heating system is more frequently used for U.S. commercial applications.

Solar Water Heater Pricing

The price of a solar water heater varies from brand to brand. Do not forget to check the quality of the product, its reliability and durability, and reliability when it comes to the price of the solar heater. Analyze all the factors, then choose the one that is the best option for your home. There are several types of solar water heaters are available on chabhalrenewableenergy. It is best to compare the pricing of different manufacturing brands and choose the best one suiting your budget.

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