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Is it possible to run Water Pump without Electricity?

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Recent years, agriculture sector in India has adopted solar-powered water pumps on large scale. These water pumps use energy of sun for running. Solar powered water pumps are very easy to be installed, moreover, these are durable, extremely cost-effective, and they do not require regular maintenance.  The life span of a solar pump could be about 20 years. In the areas where there is no electricity, these solar systems can be considered as best alternatives.

Today chabhalrenewable energy one of the best solar water pump dealers in Amritsar article will help you to understand the utilization of solar-powered water pumps for domestic purposes.

Why we need Solar Powered Water Pumps?

We made a survey, and in our interactions with consumers, we found the following reasons behind it, such as:

  1. Dependency on Grid – Present times, water pumps are grid dependent. It means, in conditions of a power cut the water pumps will stop working.
  2. Scheduled – Generally, one can use the energy of sun during day and can use this stored power in no daylight. It makes solar powered water pump better than a conventional water pump as it can practically work 24*7.
  • Obsolete Hand pumps – One requires some form of energy/force energy for drawing underground water for utilizing it in household chores.


i) If the water motor you are using is ½ Hp, use a 2kw off-grid solar system,


ii) If you are using water motor of 1 Hp, use solar system of 3kw for running the same.

2 kw Off Grid Solar System

2 kw off grid system is best for using in big offices, homes and shops. It can generate 8 units/day, and it requires 200 sq. feet rooftop space for its installation.

3 kw Off Grid Solar System

It is a best option for big houses, offices and shops. It requires rooftop space of 300 sq. feet for its installation and can generate 15 units of power every day.

What is the procedure for buying these solar systems?

These systems may cost you Rs. 3 to 5 lakh or your requirement. But you can opt easy installment payment system.


Present days we can say that common person also started to install the Solar power system in common people’s homes seeing its improving efficiencies and the reducing costs. These solar power systems are giving a competition to traditional power. Install a solar power system at your house, especially, if you are residing at places that are located away from the grid. It will give you economic stability, as well as, grants you independence from the grid. These systems meet all kind of your household power needs such as cooling, water pumping and lighting purposes. If you want to install solar pump in your office, school, home etc. to get best experience of our product the visit our nearest store in waaree energy dealer in Amritsar or contact us at 9803014527.

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